Skincare Advice

Dr Garry Cussell
Vitamin C, once hidden away in “brightening serums” and “day creams,” has taken centre stage...
Dr Garry Cussell
What is medical grade skincare?   Medical grade skincare products, also known as cosmeceuticals, are...
Dr Garry Cussell
There are so many wonderful benefits to using RejuvAus:   Each product contains an effective...
Dr Garry Cussell
Clean beauty means product formulations with natural ingredients, free from controversial ingredients that may irritate,...
Dr Garry Cussell
Hyaluronic Acid is a skincare favourite and essential hydrator. Rumours may have appeared on your social...
Dr Garry Cussell
Antioxidants are probably the most beneficial group of active ingredients in skin care. They can...
Dr Garry Cussell
Exfoliation can help reduce fine lines, dark spots and improve your skin’s texture. It also...
Dr Garry Cussell
Cold breezes, hot showers and dry heaters. When the seasons change, so does your skin....

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