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Our simple regime takes no more than 2 minutes each day. Multiple products can be blended & applied all at once, no need to layer.



Our skin has to work hard to protect itself from damaging UV-rays, pollution and toxins, all of which can significantly accelerate skin ageing, and can be worsened by the accumulation of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria.

The power of cleansing with cosmeceutical-grade potent botanicals with gentle fruit acids & soothing actives ensures skin is left perfectly balanced & prepped to allow powerful ingredients to penetrate deeper & work more effectively.



Most skincare only includes a few actives due to the production cost of blending high-quality actives synergistically and ensuring their stability. Our i • Active formulas combine the maximum amount of professional-grade ingredients required to be effective – just shy of a prescription.

Rejuvaus Serums deliver an unprecedented concentration of potent botanicals with proven medical-grade antioxidants to work at the cellular layers of the skin and create real change, positively affecting metabolic activity, collagen stimulation, moisture control and pigment regulation.



Cold wind, UV rays and pollution deplete vital nutrients from the skin, leaving it dehydrated & irritated. Our antioxidant-rich, nourishing moisturisers strengthen the barrier and stop moisture from evaporating so your skin can actually hydrate itself.

Our deeply hydrating signature formulas plump the skin with low and medium-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene and a moisture-rich lipid complex, while antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, Reservatrol and Sodium PCA neutralise free radical damage.

Always finish with a physical sunblock like the i • Solar Invisible Zinc Lotion to prevent further pigmentation & ageing.

Exfoliation Explained:
The AHAs, BHAs & Scrubs

Exfoliation can help reduce fine lines, dark spots and improve your skin’s texture. It also helps the natural process of cell turnover by removing dead skin cells and revealing a newer, healthier layer underneath. It also helps your skin absorb the active ingredients in your serums better.

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