Skincare Advices
by a Specialist

Dr. Garry Cussell strongly believes everyone's skin can look beautiful at any age regardless of their history, and that lasting beauty comes from within. We enable anyone to achieve professional results safely and easily in the comfort of their own homes.

There are so many wonderful benefits to using RejuvAus:


  • Each product contains an effective combination of multiple medical grade actives that work in synergy together to improve the skin through different pathways.


  • Only the purest actives are used, and in high concentrations for better results.


  • Low molecular weight ingredients in therapeutic formulations that have a skin-identical lipid structures for deeper, more flawless absorption.


  • All the actives are blended synergistically in a medically therapeutic base of organic essential oils and natural plant extracts to provide anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, antimicrobial and probiotic benefits that naturally restore the skin’s balance and functions for a visibly healthier, more youthful complexion.


  • The perfect balance of natural emollients to help repair, restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier for maximum hydration, moisture and a softness you can feel.


  • Free from occlusive synthetic fillers and from irritating and sensitising ingredients, such as silicones, lanolins, parabens, PEGs, mineral oils and petroleum products, sulphates, artificial fragrances, preservatives, and pigment additives.


  • Cruelty-free and Australian-made with formulations developed by Cosmetic Physician Dr Garry Cussell.


  • Light natural formulations provide a luxuriously silky texture that spreads easily and absorbs wholly, leaving no residue on the skin, just a beautiful softness.


  • Superior spreadability, together with a bottle-pump engineered to dispense a measured dose of 0.2 ml, ensures economic usage. One pump is enough for the entire face and eyelids. A single additional pump may be used for the neck and décolletage.


  • Multiple serums can be pumped into the hand and applied together at once, with no need for layering, for an easier skincare routine that will save you time.


  • The products are safe for many different skin types, from dry, sensitive or inflamed skin to combination, coarse pores, oily or acneic.


  • All serums, moisturisers and cleansers are contained in safe, lightproof and airless pump bottles to preserve their natural antioxidant functions, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives and preventing the risk of microbial contamination, such as can happen with screw top opening bottles.


  • Dispensing bottles are easy to use one-handed, without screw top caps, so application is simple with measured amounts and no mess.


  • Moisturisers designed to support the skin’s natural ability to self-hydrate with both regular and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids, as well as natural essential organic oil emollients, antioxidants and collagen peptides to preserve and repair the skin’s natural barrier. Rather than simply sealing in moisture, they help your skin moisturise itself and maintain its natural suppleness.


  • A long-lasting physical sunblock contains natural minerals 18% Invisible Zinc and 18% Titanium Dioxide for a high SPF with no chemical filters and no nano-particles. It also contains multiple antioxidants, a collagen peptide and both regular and low molecular weight hydrating Hyaluronic Acids to repair and hydrate the skin while it protects from the sun. All of this comes in a light spreadable lotion that is non-occlusive, safe to be used around the eyelids and serves as an effective primer underneath makeup.


  • A leave-on exfoliating serum gently dissolves the dead cell layer on the surface of the skin to allow deeper penetration of your active serums and help normalise cell metabolism for healthier cell turnover and fresher-looking skin. It also helps to refine and reduce visible coarse pores by preventing occlusion and entrapment of dead cells, pollutants and oil congestion. It is safe for all skin types and eliminates any need for harsh alcohol wipes and dehydrating toners.


  • There are different exfoliating cleansers for different skin types, including dry sensitive, normal and oily or congested. All cleansers are comprised of multiple gentle exfoliants in natural gels which lather luxuriously but do not foam because they don’t contain any harsh foaming surfactants that could irritate the skin, just natural, non-synthetic ingredients and plant-based fragrances to provide a safe, refreshing cleanse.


  • A specialised eye serum combines 19 different medical grade actives to reduce signs of ageing by promoting collagen and hydration, and to reduce dark circles and pigmentation by improving circulation. It’s powerful yet safe for the delicate skin of the peri-ocular area and eyelids.


  • RejuvAus was built on a foundation of education and transparency, which is why each beautiful product is presented with a fact sheet that explains the key ingredients and how they provide benefits for your skin.


  • The collections are designed to provide a simple, three-step skincare routine that saves you time but still addresses a wide range of skin concerns for a wholly rejuvenated complexion in three quick daily steps.


  • The entire range is composed of the most active and therapeutically beneficial ingredients in each class; antioxidants, pigment regulators, collagen peptides, and hyaluronic acids.


  • Antioxidant serums contain up to 20 different medical grade antioxidants, including Retinaldehyde (the strongest form of non-irritating Vitamin A), Superox-C (the richest form of natural Vitamin C) and Niacinamide (the most important form of vitamin B for skin). These are combined with many other antioxidant ingredients proven therapeutic and capable of preventing free radical damage that may cause ageing in your skin.


  • The pigment inhibiting serum contains the strongest and most effective pigment inhibitors and pigment regulators that can be naturally derived, with 23 active ingredients combined in one serum. Completely free from skin-bleaching agents, these ingredients help reduce pigment naturally by slowing down overactive melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) for a more even skin-tone.


  • The collagen peptide serum combines some of the most effective, evidence-based collagen peptides in one concentrated active serum. Collagen provides the skin with youthful elasticity and prevents wrinkles. We lose collagen as we age, and topical peptides help to promote collagen production in the skin for smoother texture and some anti-ageing benefits.


  • Every single serum contains regular Hyaluronic Acid and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid which help the skin retain moisture at the surface and deeper levels, for plumper, suppler skin.


  • Different types of serums can be used together to treat different skin conditions at once


  • All the products are made in Australia



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